San Francisco's Pancake Circus was formed in 1997, concocting its music from junk sounds found, created, cut, chopped, and reconstructed. Members Shaggy Manatee, Thumbtack Smoothie and ¢ellout toss electronica and hip-hop into a blender with anything and everything aural. They create a haphazard, unclassifiable form of music that features rhyme over beats while defying the usual conventions of rap. Featured contributors/members include Creamy Goodness, Tendrizer, Osvaldo Castillo, DJ Markie Mark and members of For Stars.
  Releases + mp3 Audio Samples (in black)
  Communicating at an Unknown Rate (available now FREE in Downloads)

01. Communicating At An Unknown Rate
02. Cold Shoulder
03. Mis Hermanos
04. Finish All Things
05. Farewell To You
06. Can't Hold On
07. Ocean City/Hangtown
08. The Sensational End of Information
09. Is It Safe To Dance?
10. Niagara Falls
11. Dreams of Thoughts Unseen

  3 Whistling Moon Travelers w/ Report

01. Reports
02. Who Is This
03. 527
04. Yeah Alright Now
05. .
06. Online Mustache Caller
07. .
08. Beautiful Balloon
09. I.C.U. Stand
10. Monkey In The Middle
11. Gemini Rainsuit
12. Giant Squid
13. Ominous
14. Last Night Shift

  Nacho Twain - OUT OF PRINT

Self-released in 1998, this hip-slop rap-pop collection of catchy, weird, and sometimes beautiful songs is out of print. Absolutely unique and recorded without much studio knowledge or hang-ups.

This album is no longer available.