Quake Trap's Download Page is where you can take anything you want and spread it around like butter. We have LP's, EP's, Reason ReFills, Videos, and other digital flotsam either up now or slated for release. To Download: PC's use that right click on your mouse, Macs hold option while you click. Dig in.
Various Artists - Break the Disco! (Yoko Solo Remixed)
EP / mp3 stuffed in a zip!
Click here.
Yoko Solo - The Froth
EP / mp3 stuffed in a zip!
Here it is.
Sonic Forgeries - ReFills
ReFill format / ¿ copyrightz
Quake Trap 2005 ReFill _ 50 Weird Rex Files!
Yoko Solo - Weese EP
All audio is mp3 / Crappy Artwork is JPEG
All The Worms Shall Rise from the Mud
Party Røk / Disko Flux
Disfigured Chicken Blues
Enter the Weese
Front | Back
Thumbtack Smoothie - outtamymind EP
All audio is mp3 / Artwork is JPEG
Mobius Stripe
Scratchy Ol' Clicky Pop
Stick Neff
Diminutive Miniature Tiny
Sound Sound Sound Sound Sound
Quake Trap Mash-ups, Remixes, & Mutations - Illegal Shit
All audio is mp3
ZepTang! (Wu Tang Clan/Led Zeppelin)
Impeach The President! (P.E./Hank Williams Sr.)
Primary Malposition (Thumbtack Smoothie Remix of Helium3)
Quake Trap LiVeNoiZe - Amok9000 - l i v e + d a m a g e + b o o m + s.f.
All audio is mp3
Yoko Solo in the Pit at KFJC
Helium3 at Rx for Robotspeak Sessions
Thumbtack Smoothie at Julip for Subliminal Transmissions
Shaggy Manatee Vs. Yoko Solo at KZSU on Stirling's Approximation
Thug Emporium - Hey, Baby & Real Hot - Unreleased but DOPE!
All audio is mp3
Hey, Baby
Real Hot
VIDEOS - View them if you dare
Observe in dismay Yoko Solo's video of "Alarm" from the upcoming LP "The Beeps" 8MB or 19MB.
Creep through the electrostatic blur with Helium3 in their video for "Razor Blades" 8MB or 22MB.
Check out the original Quake Trap Collective Video here (11.4 MB)