Quake Trap Breaks Brain Bombs
What is Quake Trap? To find out, click here... click Sasha Squid to activate our JunkBox Player filled with underground sounds from members of the Quake Trap Collective (including Robotspeak, Siladi, Dielectric, Konstrukt, Subinfinity and more!)...Reconfigure your skull...

Long ago, before the solar winds swept over Quake Trap's shining face, Yoko Solo embarked on a quest to force his peers, enemies, comrades and fellow goons to remix songs from his LP The Beeps. Now, decades later, Break the Disco! has been loosed. Featuring the Remix work or dirty collaborative efforts of Thumbtack Smoothie, Mochipet, Born to Kill, Kira of the Wired, Macromantics, Process Rebel, Al-Haca, Chachi Jones, Mork Choklad, The Rondo Brothers, and of course Pu22l3, Break the Disco! can be downloaded here.

Visit the swirling, sublime Modyfier blog to read about and download Yoko Solo's free EP, The Froth, as well as peruse the volumes of poetic, mutating musings about sound in life and lives in sound. The Froth can also be downloaded here.

Click here for direct links to Quake Trap Collective members' live sets archived at the legendary Beta Lounge.

Shaggy Manatee 's In Between is available in CD format with BONUS TRACKS featuring Zion of Zion, B-Child, Macromantics, Katastrophe and Dopestyle 1231! Visit our store !

Click here to listen to Yoko Solo as interviewed by Systemaddykt on 1190am in Boulder, Colorado.

Thumbtack Smoothie's Fall Back is available in our store, among other spots. But get it here! This is microCosmic deleriumCore encasing you in that Thumbtack foam. Again and again.

Yoko Solo's "weese e.p." and Thumbtack Smoothie's "outtamymind" now available from Spain's La Familia internet label as free downloads along with experimental works by Venezuela's Carlos Saladen and Norway's Swamp Up Nostrils.

Sounds / Media
Observe in dismay Yoko Solo's rotten video of Alarm from the upcoming LP The Beeps 8MB or 19MB.
Creep through the electrostatic blur with Helium3 in their video for "Razor Blades" 8MB or 22MB. (Directed by Nando Gapasin/Daniel Cauterucci, Edited by John Vargo)
Listen intently to the unearthly thoughts of Thumbtack Smoothie via Digital::Nimbus available for your streaming pleasure.
:: Check Out Yoko Solo's weird-ass, nerdy interview with Thumbtack Smoothie at Igloo Magazine.
Just Unleashed: The 2005 Quake Trap ReFill is available for FREE at our Download Station. 50 Rex2 loops lifted from your Grandma's Organ (yes, that one in her living room), a crappy Casio-esque Keyboard, some excellent synthetic drum machines, and a few mutant synths. Behold!
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MoPhreak Now Available from AMG/Samples4.com!
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