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Ultra Freak: The Next Wave - Loops, Hits, Noise! CD - Data
Quake Trap in association with Daly City Records and Robotspeak bring to you a heaving heap of beats and noise from the exploding San Francisco electronic underground. Featuring exclusive loops and hits wrought from the circuit-busted minds of Mochipet, Chachi Jones and Yoko Solo, Ultra Freak will transform your audio applicationZ into cutting-edge, drooling, wild-eyed IDM beasts that will upend your sound system and twist your mind into piles of futuristic break candy. Step outside the box and shower in the molten madness!


Quake Breax!", Vol. 1 - 12" Orange Vinyl
Quake Trap's breakbeat vinyl packed with Shaggy Manatee's bay-hop stylings, lung-shaking bass, and stuff you just won't find anywhere else. Featuring the mind-blowing drums of Thumbtack Smoothie, Simone White, and Alexis Razon.

Side A
01. I Know You All Your Life
02. Can't Trust Anyone (Especial)
03. Save Yourself (No One Else Cares)

Side B
04. Thanks Hoss
05. Manatee Taken Over
06. Fu#k Corporate America

Piles of aiff, rex2, and Reason Refill files.
All original, all unique, all royalty free!
Designed for those looking to freak something different. Click here for some info!

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Noize, beats, drums, synthetic chaos, ultramagnetic shock blox, power bleeps, 8-bizzle Gamebizzy and more from Sonic Forgeries. Rex2/aiff/ReFill formatZ!