Shaggy Manatee has worked with countless artists recording and producing an ecclectic collection of sound, from Electro-fried Gangsta Rap to Melancholy Breakbeat to Hybrid Bay Hop to Experimental Pop. As a founding member of Pancake Circus he pushed the envelope of what is "allowed" in music and continues to strive for new sound through his work at Quake Trap. His first official solo release, In Between, brings all of the elements together, past, present, and future to create a masterwork as varied as everything that came before it. Alternately heavy, fun, dark, bouncy, hard, strange, deep, and absurd, In Between is like most things you might find here at Quake Trap: Like nothing that you have ever heard before...and instantly familiar.

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  Releases + mp3 Audio Samples (in black)
  In Between Vinyl LP

01. Numbers Game
02. Good and the Bad
03. Unstoppable (feat. Opt Rhyme)
04. No More Trouble (feat. Non-Repro)
05. Born To Die (feat. Tendrizer)
06. Cartoons Worked for Me
07. Cypress Breath
08. Get It Straight (feat. B-Child)
09. Fighting For (feat. Swan)
10. Let Go of the Chaos (feat. Egg White and Nalej)
11. Tell Me I'm Wrong (feat. Opt Rhyme)
12. Benjamins (feat. B-Child)
13. Palm Trees 23
14. Happiness
15. Paul's Day (feat. Paul Pena)
16. Remember Me (feat. Skillet)

  Quake Breax Volume One

Quake Breax!", Vol. 1 - 12" Orange Vinyl
Quake Trap's breakbeat vinyl packed with Shaggy Manatee's bay-hop stylings, lung-shaking bass, and stuff you just won't find anywhere else. Featuring the mind-blowing drums of Thumbtack Smoothie, Simone White, and Alexis Razon.

Side A
01. I Know You All Your Life
02. Can't Trust Anyone (Especial)
03. Save Yourself (No One Else Cares)

Side B
04. Thanks Hoss
05. Manatee Taken Over
06. Fu#k Corporate America