Yoko Solo returns to upend all that is sacred and destroy the fabric of your existence with gentle, pulsing waves and brutal drops of molten synthesis. From the "sci-fi pop" junkTronix of The Forbidden Channel to the misshapen, malformed glory of the (no money required to own) Weese EP, and on and on, towards the broken savagery and melodic liquid of The Beeps...Yoko Solo brings the panic and the bump and the thunder of an ancient unreality to your skull and peels you apart with tender, loving waves of electricity. Disconnect, unleash, and return to the slovenly soup. It's all about the love.

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Observe in dismay Yoko Solo's video of "the alarm (9øøø)" from the upcoming LP "The Beeps" 8MB or 19MB.

  Releases + mp3 Audio Samples (in black)
  The Beeps - Also On Sale at iTunes  The Beeps

01 kluge (?!)
02 pigbucket blam blam
03 don't fall asleep i'm warning you don't fall asleep
04 infinite collapse pt. one: i blew it (infinite undo)
05 infinite collapse pt. two: sickly assassin
06 infinite collapse pt. three: bang u up dummy
07 krak V.2 "i rebuke thee"
08 no party, wind/vomit
09 these are the beeps
10 the alarm (9øøø)
11 covered in feces...stronger than you, rotten
12 partial collapse / useless control systems
13 noWave
14 cosmonaut tragedy

  The Forbidden Channel

01 Sugar and Red Wine
02 Coors Party Ball (4am)
03 Interstate 5
04 Purple Bruise, Whore's Arm (High Frequency Grind)
05 Sock It To Me, Jesus
06 Ghost and West
07 Beer Xpress, 1651 A.D.
08 Extension/Weave
09 You Spoke Regarding Your Mother
10 Interstate 5, Dead Rodent
11 Red Wines (Various Blends)
12 Transmission6, 2000 A.D.
13 Borax Crystals
14 The Juice Man, Fool
15 Evil Human, 4034 A.D.
16 You Spoke But I Was Not Listening
17 Glue House Brainrot
18 Sevilla Party Ball (4am)

  Weese EP - Download it for FREE? Yes. Go ahead.

01 All The Worms Shall Rise from the Mud
02 Party Røk / Disko Flux
03 Disfigured Chicken Blues
04 Enter the Weese
05 KrakHopBaySludgeXciter

Clouds. Park. Static.